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The Garden of Ideas is located

in Ridgefield, Connecticut, approximately one hour

north of New York City.




To learn more about the farm & community-supported agriculture, click here.

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That you have given us others endless means

To modify the dreariness of living,

Machines which even change men to machines;

That you have been most honourable in giving;

That thanks to you we roar through space at speed

Past dreams of wisest science not long since,

And listen in to news we hardly need,

And rumours which might make Horatius wince,

Of modes of sudden death devised by you,

And promising protection against those --

All this and more I know, and what is due

Of praise would offer, couched more fitly in prose.

But such incompetence and such caprice

Clog human nature that, for all your kindness,

Some shun loud-speakers as uncertain peace,

And fear flood-lighting is a form of blindness;

The televisionary world to come,

The petrol-driven world already made,

Appear not to afford these types a crumb

Of comfort.  You will win; be not dismayed.

Let those pursue their fantasy, and press

For obsolete illusion, let them seek

Mere moonlight in the last green loneliness;

Your van will be arriving there next week.

Edmund Blunden,


An outdoor

community center & garden sanctuary

In this hurried world, the Garden of Ideas is a place to slow down.   To stop, look, and listen.  There is so much more to see, to hear, to smell, to taste, and to feel.    Wake up your senses in this place and become more alive.

Whether you take a self-directed stroll or participate in one of our programs, we hope you will leave renewed.  


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Fruits of the Garden: Basic Cooking Class

Finished for the year!!!!

See you next season!!!

Come join us for a harvest in the garden and a how-to in the kitchen.


Visit the Garden in Winter!

It is as beautiful in winter as in the other 3 seasons!!!